About Us

The double U’s…


10K Takes is a media production company with a focus on bringing entertainment into workforce training, tutorials, and other informational business-focused videos.

Because as anyone who has had to sit through old or uninteresting workplace training videos will understand, there is a definite need to make these videos more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Having sat through numerous long and boring training videos, we decided that “enough is enough.” Our unique personalities and experiences are brought to every shoot to breathe life, enthusiasm, and entertainment to stale training videos.


In late summer of 2012, three individuals came together for a creative project. Finding they worked exceptionally well together, they decided to continue doing just that – working together. Cut to early 2013, they had formed the LLC known as 10K Takes and started their first project for a client almost immediately.

Minnesota, of course! It’s the Land of 10,000 Lakes Takes!

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